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My name is Connor Gracey. I am a certified Obedience Trainer and K9 Detection Handler. I was educated at Olympus K9 by Master Trainer Pando Stepanis and Lead Trainer Debbie Arenburg.


I specialize in canine obedience for all breeds and ages. I am also capable of handling aggression issues.


My goal is to develop leadership and a strong bond between dog and owner.  A happy and fulfilling life awaits you and your dog.


"Together, we strive to make you the leader your dog deserves."

-Connor Gracey


CG-K9 offers private obedience training in Caledon, Ontario and surrounding areas. 

Additionally, we offer assistance in dealing with behavioural issues such as reactivity, aggression, and dominant behaviours. 

All private lessons are through house call. Before getting started, we offer a free, no obligation evaluation to discuss any concerns you are experiencing with your canine and to set goals together!


Through a personalized program, we will forge a stronger bond between you and your dog.



"I have had miniature Schnauzers for the past 25 years and used a variety of trainers over that time. Connor is by far the most effective trainer I have worked with. I and my current two Schnauzers got the best foundation in obedience training I have had so far."

Melanie, Lily and Vee Cee



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